Light, Long Exposure, Architect Materials and Francesca
This was one of the first shoots I brought along the Fujifilm X Pro 3. Francesca, currently a student at Wentworth, showed me some of the materials she was working with while studying for her degree in Architecture. After she reached out I found the work of Nick Fancher on instagram. His work with using artificial lighting and doing most of his creativity in camera (without the use of Photoshop) inspired me to try a similar approach. 

These groups of photos are the first photos I decided to come back to in Capture One instead of Lightroom. I only did tone adjustments and saturation for the following images.
The rest of these photos were edited in Lightroom Classic.
Something a good photographer friend of mine taught me was to work with what you have. This entire shoot was shot in Francesca's bedroom using gels, plastic and cheap Neewer LED lights.
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