Duxbury Beach 23'
Though I don't take much time to visit different beaches I was happy to drive down to Duxbury! I stumbled upon this area with a close photography friend of mine. Initially we wanted to take some photos in Weymouth, but didn't get shots we were really looking for.
As we drove into Duxbury Beach I was immediately flabbergasted by the beautiful light and views. Dolan continued driving down the sandy unpaved road in his 19' Mini Cooper. There were times we thought we might have gotten stuck, that little engine got us out! 
I brought my Fujifilm X Pro 3 and decided to use my old Olympus 2 flash to get some interesting depth.
Dolan always seems to bring out the more unconventional ideas in me. These flash ideas seemed to be really interesting given the setting is usually shot with natural light.
That same day I decided it'd be a good idea to get my Mamiya RB67 film camera out of hiding and into the real world! After scanning the Fujifilm Velvia 50 positives into my computer I was so impressed by the color fidelity and contrast. Safe to say, I'm excited to shoot slide film again!
As the sun began to set, I was reminded of the beautiful sunsets I experienced as a student in Orlando, Florida. I was grateful the light decided to greet me in my home state.
We decided to end the day there. However, Destiny, my life partner, was interested in seeing and capturing the views Dolan and I experienced.
I decided to bring the Mamiya RB 67 out with me again, but wanted was a bit too anxious to see the photos. I picked loaded my 120 roll of Ilford HP5 onto a reel and quickly got my Cinestill Monobath to temperature. While the thermomater reading said 80 degrees the entire bottle wasn't consistently that temperature. Though the developer marks were due to user error, I can't help but still enjoy the results! It creates interesting texture and becomes and compositional element.
Duxbury Beach oddly has become quite the testing grounds for experimentation. I wonder what I'll get from other coastal landscapes this year.
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